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The Transitional Leadership Program empowers students to apply leadership principles that enable them to build lasting relationships in the process of moving into new spheres of influence in life. 

  • Transitional Leadership
    - Leaders completing this module demonstrate the ability to manage and conquer doubt in who they are and in where they are heading in life.
  • Purpose Driven Leadership
    -  Leaders completing this module apply principles towards achieving results that are in line with their purpose in life.
  • Priority Relationships 
    - Leaders completing this module develop the ability to master leadership principles towards experiencing fulfilled priority relationships.
  • Relational Leadership
    - Leaders completing this module develop the ability to fulfil their potential and exert influence in relationships that ensure other people to reach their potential.
  • Influencing Society
    - Leaders completing this module demonstrate understanding of priority components towards community transformation. 
  • Transformational Action
    - Leaders completing this module demonstrate the abilitiy to develop and implement strategic action towards experiencing transformational results.
  • Continental Influence
    - Leaders completing this module understand key aspects that influence the African context and identify potential ways to exert influence.