To Empower Students Transition into LEADERS who will Transform Africa through -

1)      EMPOWERING them to TRANSITION well from Secondary Education to Tertiary Education and to their Professional Careers

 2)      EMPOWERING them to TRANSFORM AFRICA by exerting intentional influence within the 7 Spheres of Transformation (Family; Economy; Government; Education; Media; Celebration; Spirituality)

The Contextual Need

1)      60% of the African population is below the age of 24

2)      The median age in Africa is 19 years old

3)      Throughput percentage of universities is below 30%

4)      Africa has an inexperienced and unskilled workforce that is entering challenging leadership positions at a young age.



1)      Transformational growth including spiritual, emotional, intellectual and cultural

2)      Transformational character including integrity, humility, endurance, commitment, and passion

3)      Transformational teamwork including building, uniting and partnering with different teams

4)      Transformational action including the implementation of goals and strategies that will have a transformational impact in Africa

5)      Leaving Transformational Legacies that involve the ability to ‘finish’ in such a way that upcoming generations will continue to build on our successes

(The curriculum enables students to possess and implement these values as leaders)

What do we do?

We empower students in their Senior Phase of Secondary Education and Junior Phase of Tertiary Education through a transformational leadership development curriculum and process to ensure an effective transition from Secondary Education to Tertiary Education and to their Professional Careers (7 Spheres of Transformation).