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Serge Solomons

Dr. Sergé Solomons has vast experience in Clinical Medicine and lives with a passion to use the neuropathophysiology model for self-discovery and self-actualization to train and facilitate leadership development in spiritual enhancement, personal enhancement and professional enhancement. His purpose is to “Inspire, Activate, Develop and RELEASE the God-given potential in others (especially leaders). He accomplishes this through the 3CTM process- Coaching, Consulting, Counseling, Training and Mentoring.”

Sergé have completed numerous certified courses related to the teaching and training industry, have more than 20 years of experience in the industry and have proven to be a teacher who captivates audiences and inspires transformational action in their lives. He served on numerous boards, training teams and operational teams across various industries and in various cultural contexts and therefore adds immense value to LEADERSHIP@VANTAGE.